You can promote your Company and company services for free.
You can advertise and promote your Company and company services for free.
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Established in 2013, PlanetHub MultiCorp Pvt. Ltd. were early to recognise the opportunity for information Technology and its specific application to large format
Providing server management and server support services all over the globe.

Industry Experience

PlanetHub MultiCorp Pvt. Ltd. is proud to have been fulfilling most of world’s most successful companies with their IT solution needs for more than 4 years.
Under 24x7serversupport.com we are providing support, management services to all the clients. We have certified and well experienced staff to handle all kind of IT solution requests. Our staff is certified and experienced with Linux, Microsoft, and virtualization platforms like VMware, Hyper-V, solusVM and many more.
We are proud to announce that we also provide support to clients which are willing to use Cloud services like AWS cloud and Azure cloud.
We are covering the network part as well. We do have experts in CISO, Juniper network technologies as well.

Our services Range

Outsource support and management. Provide support staff from L1 support to L3 support. Also we can provide dedicated teams with project manager, team leads and other support staff.We also provide semidedicated teams as well. We can manage teams as client requirements.Cloud services and management: Provide support to AWS and azure based cloud clients. Managing their cloud environments as per their requirements.Windows server management. : Provide support to all windows servers and windows applications like server 2008 to server 2016. Plain windows servers. AD servers, hosting related servers. Application servers. SQL servers, Exchange servers, SFB servers, Citrix applications etc.Linux server management: Provide support to all Linux flavours. Which includes REDhat, Centos, Debian. MySql server, MariaDB servers. Plain servers, panel servers, hosting servers.Virtualization management: We provide support to virtualiztion platforms like Hyper-V, VMware servers, Solus VM, Virtualizor, Virtuzzo servers, Xen servers, KVM servers, etc.

Complete Control

Since 2013, PlanetHub MultiCorp Pvt. Ltd. has been operating independently. With all services and solutions we are able to successfully maintain complete control of customer service, servers, management and delivering SLA with quality service to worldwide customers. By maintaining this total control we are confident that your services are in good hands and that is our guarantee to you.When doing business, quality and reliability are paramount. PlanetHub MultiCorp Pvt. Ltd. is considered amongst best server management teams and outsourcing company.

Preferred Arrangements

Preferred arrangements ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality and best value services the market has to offer.
Guaranteed Deliverability

We realise your request has to be there on time, and our reputation is built upon that promise. We’re so confident of our proven track record that we’re the only one to guarantee it will be complete on time.

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